The sound of air is wavering

"The sound of air is wavering its form zigzag, and its color blue. Its voice is heard in storms, when the wind blows, and in the whisper of the morning breeze. Its effect is breaking, sweeping and piercing. It has a tendency to kindle the fire of the heart... The air sound overpowers all other sounds, for it is living, and in every aspect its influence produces ecstasy.' Harmony is the result of the relation between color and color, the relation between sound and sound, and the relation between color and sound."

from The Mysticism of Sound by, Hazrat Inayat Khan

"In Haydn's oratorios, the notes present to the imagination not only motions, as of the snake, the stag, and the elephant, but colors also; as the green grass. The law of harmonic sounds reappear in the harmonic colors."

Excerpt from Nature, The Portable Emerson, Ralph Waldo Emerson

After the rain storm yesterday, a photo I took of a double rainbow