Light Breaks


"O you the transformation of feelings into what? into audible landscape. You stranger: music. You heart-space grown out of us. The deepest space in us, which rising above us, forces its way out--holy departure:" Rilke




                             Artist, Musician, Singer, Intuitive Composer, Poet



"Songs are thoughts which are sung out with the breath when people let themselves be moved by a great force, and ordinary speech no longer suffices. a person is moved like an ice-flow which drifts with the current. His thoughts are driven by a flowing force when he feels joy, when he feels fear, when he feels sorrow. thoughts can surge in on him, causing him to gasp for breath, and making his heart beat faster. Something like a softening of the weather will keep him thawed. And then it will happen that we, who always think of ourselves as small, will feel even smaller. And we will hesitate before using words. But it will happen that the words that we need will come of themselves- When the words that we need shoot up of themselves- we have a new song."

Orpingalik, Nestsilik Inuit (early 20th century)excerpt from "The Soul Aflame," Conari Press,2000

I create in order to transform, in order to gain insight into my true nature, not only from the challenges I encounter, but also those moments that glisten with an energy infused by love. Employing an aesthetic method as Hillman writes, in order to let the beauty of an event, its sweet shock, instruct the soul.

 The "Heart Cave" photolog / blog is inspired by my love of nature, poetry, mythology, and dreams. Sharing songs, photographs and images from past and present work, audio visual moments that encompass the transformative power of deep inquiry and presence.

Including excerpts from other writers, poets, and artists, past and present who help to inform and illuminate an ongoing process of individuation, and to reveal the sacred beauty in the mundane.

The most recent album Light Breaks was recorded at home, a few years leading up to it’s release in 2016. A collection of “impressionist song sketches, “as partly defined by the rhythm where a strict sense of time is often absent, making the music often raw, spacious, and explorative.” The Songs “color, atmosphere, and fluidity often represented by short lyrical pieces,” that tell a story of the soul's journey through the dreamtime and into an awakening...


H.C.Love 2017

H.C.Love 2017








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Album Light Breaks by H.C. Love released November 4th, 2016.


Click on image below to read review and listen to song from Light Breaks in Clash magazine.


"At times I muse upon my beginning, the azure had just been born and already I lived with a loving heart, scattered in the early morn." Comptesse Des Noailles

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Light Breaks

by H.C. Love

A collection of 14 songs invoking the souls odyssey through collaborations with nature, poetry, and mythology. Unexpected combining of elements of voice, rhythm, alternating cadence. "Calm listening to ones inner self, allowing an improvisational approach" to unfold. Preview "Seed" song from album Light Breaks - available now on iTunes


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Deep in a Dream

by H.C. Love

Music for Deep In a Dream, has given me a way of expressing my feelings, thoughts, and dreams, and it has also given me a way of understanding more about life. I felt it was important to preserve the connection with the energy or rasa (mood) of those moments the songs were originally created and recorded at home. Later, working with Christopher Hedge at the Magic Shop Studios, layering harmonies and additional arrangements, and soundscapes to the mixes.

To listen to more or purchase songs / album click on iTunes link below.