"It takes a golden ear to be empty enough of itself to hear clearly"

"According to another ancient teaching, man has three ears: the outer.. the part you see, bears the name ear but which does not hear anything; the inner ear, with all its intricate resonating devices, which connects with the brain and the rest of the body and tells us what sound the ether is carrying; and the whole man, from the top of his head to the soles of his feet and from his heart to his intellect, who "hears the meaning of what the sound is saying."

"Listening requires a centering discipline if we are to understand each other. For what we say will be related to our past and future, to our health and mood and ambitions and self- image, our needs and our ideals'... it will also be related to the weather, the season, to moonlight and the stars; it will be related to the history of man, to the history of the individual, to nature and evolution at every level; it will also be affected by the relationship between us."

Excerpt from Centering, by M.C.Richards

A picture I took of Christopher Hedge at the amazing Magic Shop Studios while working on the post production mixes of my album Light Breaks. Fine tuning and listening to the mixes and the sound waves, while the waves break out side.

Christopher is not only a master of working with sound but also has mastered the technology and the tools to support a works sound and vision. With a laser like focus he is able to hear the places in the mixes that require adjustments in order to seamlessly bring the songs into a more cohesive  whole.