My story isn't sweet and harmonious like invented stories. it tastes of folly and bewilderment, of madness and dreams, like the life of all people who no longer want to lie to themselves -

Herman Hesse

The seed’s journey to flowering
The ivy’s journey from house to house
The moon’s journey into the pond
The eruption of the flower of regret from earth
The downpour of young vine from the wall
The rain of dewdrops over the sleep’s bridge
The leap of joy from the swamp of death
The passage of accident from behind word...

The battle of a hole with the pleasing light
The battle of a stair against the long leg of sun
The battle of solitude with a song...

I saw people
I saw towns
I saw fields and alleys
I saw water, I saw earth
I saw light and darkness
And plants in the light and plants in the darkness
Animals in light, animals in the darkness
And man in the light and man in the darkness

My hometown has been lost
Overcome with fever and with impatience
I have built another house on the other side of house

In this house I feel closer to the moist obscurity of grass
I can hear the garden breathing
And the sound of darkness when dropping from a leaf
And the sound of a light coughing from behind a tree
I can hear the sniffing of water at through the crack of each rock
I can hear swallows dripping down from the spring’s ceiling
And the clear sound of opening and closing windows of solitude...

I am close to the beginning of earth
I pick up the pulse of flowers
I am familiar with the wet fate of water and the green habit of the tree

My soul flows towards the new direction of objects my soul is young
My soul sometimes coughs from joy
My soul is idle
It counts raindrops, the holes in bricks,
My soul is sometimes true as a rock on the road

I haven’t seen two poplars to be enemies
I haven’t seen a willow selling its shade to the ground
The elm tree freely bestows its branch to the crow wherever there is a leaf my passion blossoms a poppy bush has bathed me in the flow of existence

I know the weight of the dawn like the wing of an insect
I listen to the music of growth like a flowerpot like a basketful of fruit I have high fever to ripen
I stand on the border of languor in the tavern
Like a building at the edge of the sea I am anxious about the long eternal waves...

Excerpt from The Waters footsteps ,Sohrab Sepehri