What a faint dream what a dream I know...

I am a painter

Now and then I build a cage by paint, sell it to you to refresh your heart

With the song of the anemone which is imprisoned in it

What a faint dream, what a dream I know

My music is lifeless

I know well, my painting pond contains no fishes...

The breeze might go

To a plant in India, to an earthenware from Sialk

The breeze may reach a prostitute in Bokhara city...

As soon as the lark sung, the chest burnt from delight
now and then loneliness rubbed its face against the windowpane
desire would come and put its arms around the sense’s neck
thought played
Life looked like a vernal rainfall, a plane tree full of starlings
Life then was a line of light and doll
An armful of liberty
Life then was a pond of music

Gradually the baby tiptoed away in the alleys of dragonflies
I packed my things and went to a town of light thoughts
My heart with the alienation of dragonflies

Excerpt from The Waters Footsteps by, Sohrab Sepehri

Sohrab Sepehri's poem eloquently expresses that the painter can paint the picture the singer can sing the song but it is the pneuma, spirit wind is what brings to life the song, the vision, and directs where it will go from there... it is not up to the poet to know where it will go...

The Anemone is also known as the windflower literally "daughter of the wind" from anemos 'wind' thought to be so named because the flowers open only when the wind blows.  (Oxford dictionary)

In Native American legends the dragonfly is a symbol of resurrection, and renewal after hardship.

Across cultures, people believe that the dragonfly has a strong association with light. The body of the dragonfly can reflect and refract white light to create beautiful colors, and this is the reason it has been associated with magical qualities and mysticism. Some people even believe that these insects possess supernatural powers and are spiritual messengers. They exhibit the phenomenon of iridescence, which means they change colors depending on the angle of light or the angle from which you look at them.
They also inspire us to explore the power of light and creative imagination to usher in positive changes in our life. This can also help us look through the illusions or false beliefs that prevent us from dreaming big and achieving success.

In the Japanese culture, the dragonfly was honored as a symbol of joy and new light, and also strength, courage, and good luck. In the mythology of the Lakota tribe, the dragonfly represented the spirit of illusion...

The Subconscious Mind
The dragonfly is a creature of water, and every creature that dwells in water symbolizes the subconscious mind and deeper thoughts. This is the reason why dragonflies are said to remind us to pay heed to our dreams and desires, because our outlook towards life is not only influenced by the external environment around us, but also our deepest thoughts.
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 Deep in A Dream Album art

 Deep in A Dream Album art