Inner Vision

   Owl Mountain Moon by, Liza Falzon         


Owl Mountain Moon by, Liza Falzon




'Our visible life and the actions of man
are no more than a series of significant
expressions, but that which it tries to express
is not on the surface; our existence is something much larger than this apparent frontal being which we suppose ourselves to be and which we offer to the world around us; this frontal being is a confused amalgam of mind-form­ations, life movements, physical
functioning of which even an exhaustive analysis into its component parts and machinery fails to reveal the whole secret. It's only when we go behind, below, above
into the hidden stretches of our being
that we can know it;

~Sri Aurobindo                                                        

'For below our most obscure physical consciousness is a subconscious being in which as in a covering and supporting soil are all manner of hidden seeds that sprout up, unaccountably to us on our surface and into which we are constantly throwing fresh seeds that prolong our past and influence our future, -- a subconscious being, small obscure, small in its motions, capriciously and almost fantastically sub rational, but of immense -potency for the earth life. And while on the surface we are cut off from all around us except through an exterior mind and sense contact which delivers but little to us to our world or of our world to us , in these inner reaches the barrier between us and the rest of existence is thin and easily broken ' there we can feel at once -- not merely infer from their results, but feel directly -- the action of the secret world forces... That constitute universal and individual existence. It is all this latent experience and knowledge that the Divine Force working upon us by our opening to the integral Yoga, progressively reveals to us, uses and works out the consequences as means and steps towards a transformation of our whole being and nature. Our life is thenceforth no longer a little rolling wave oil on the surface, but inter penetrant if not coincident with the cosmic life. '

Excerpted from 'The Synthesis of Yoga' Sri Aurobindo

H.C.Love Let the great sunlight