"Through the black alpine forest thick with furs, it passes like a twilight..."

"Evening bell. From the mountains it gets retold in echoes whose tones grow more and more subdued. And you feel, rising from the floor of the green valley, a fluttering breeze, a cold one. In the white meadow springs, it babbles on like stammering small children saying prayers; through the black alpine forest thick with firs, it passes like a twilight, a century-old one."

Excerpt from Dream Crowned by, Rainer Maria Rilke


"You have been telling your story in personal terms… now tell it in mythological terms,
Take the story past the wounding to the place of transformation. When finished share it, a show put to music and dance [and sing] the living myth” -

Jean Houston explains further that imagining or identifying with a healing archetype In particular, invoking Asklepios , [or Chiron the (wounded healer), or as in Light breaks Prometheus, or Psyche ....] ..." We move out of identifications with our personal and localized illness and into a relationship in which archetypal forces greater than our illness can come to us to touch, teach, heal and provide meaning."  


"First we struggle and suffer alone. Eventually, with grace or guidance, we identify with the myth... In the myth we labor not for ourselves alone but for all humanity. Our struggles become ordeals in service to the archetypal dimensions of human life that we , too are helping into the world. Finally, we accept that the divine is the true power and that divinity's myths are living us. When we enter that consciousness, we gain a true acceptance that there is no way out. There is only the way through. There is only living the myth with willingness and consciousness. Through such living we gain an invaluable and irreplaceable sense of our destiny, purpose, and relationship to our cosmic home and story." - Edward Tick, Dream Healing


In Buddhism there is a teaching called the Four Noble Truths. Thich Nat Hanh says, The first Noble truth is called ill -being , which says when you look deeply into ill-being you’ll find a way out. You will find a way of transformation and healing. You have to begin with ill-being and looking deeply into the nature of ill-being you will find the second noble truth which is the path that leads to the making of ill being… What we discover when we look into the nature of ill-being. i.e. wrong practice, speech, action. When you can see into ill being you can begin to see the path leading out of ill- being.”

This practice goes against society's tendency to avoid looking into one’s pain and suffering .Whether its a physical or emotional injury, there’s really no running away from it, the suffering follows you until you choose to turn around and face it in order to move through it. The third noble truth is well-being. Cessation of ill-being where the absence of darkness means the presence of light. [The light of awareness.] The fourth noble truth is the transformation of ill-being, a path of healing. Joy and happiness are the fruits of the path of well being.”

"May I awaken within this dream and grasp the fact that I am dreaming so that all dreamlike beings may likewise awaken from the nightmare of illusory suffering and confusion" - unknown

 -  H.C.Love, Deep in a Dream Album liner "notes to self"


Sundown in the Valley