"At memories undoing, as when the dreamer sees and after the dream..."

As I drew nearer to the end of all desire,

I brought my longings ardor to a final height,

Just as I ought. My vision becoming pure,

Entered more and more the beam of that high light

that shines on its own truth. from then, my seeing

Became too large for speech, which fails at a sight

Beyond all boundaries, at memories undoing -

As when the dreamer sees and after the dream

the passion endures, imprinted on his being

Though he can't recall the rest. I am the same:

Inside my heart, although my vision is almost entirely faded,

droplets of its sweetness come

The way the sun dissolves the snow's crust -

The way, in the wind that stirred the light leaves,

The oracle that the Sibyl wrote was lost.

from the Last Canto of Paradiso, Dante Alighieri


"Or as Sahajo says: "In a dream, in one moment fifty years can pass. When the eyes open it is all false; such is living in the body." Don't immediately agree because one who agrees to it immediately will not have an experience of his own. When it is your experience, only then will it lead you towards the truth. Nothing can happen with borrowed experience.

The world is like the last morning star. Sahajo says: it is fast disappearing like a pearl of dew. it looks like a pearl, but only in appearance; actually it is a dewdrop. How long can it survive? A little passing breeze and the dewdrop will vanish in the dust. Just a ray of sun and the dewdrop will evaporate... like a pearl of dew, like water held in the hollow of your hands. Or it is like when you are trying to hold water in your hands: the hands are filled but soon the water starts falling through your fingers. Not even a moment passes and your hands are empty. When you feel that everything is achieved, your hands are already beginning to empty.

Look deeply at the transitory - that is the first step towards looking at the eternal. One who has not recognized the momentary will never be able to recognize the eternal... Look deeply at all that comes and goes, that exists and disappears, that manifests and vanishes. A Flower blooms in the morning and fades away in the evening. Look carefully at the momentary: now there is beauty, tomorrow it will not be there. Youth was just there and it is gone. Slowly, slowly one thing will become clear to those who look at the momentary - that it is madness to search there for truth. How can there be truth in that which does not endure? The definition of truth is that which is always there... that which is a constant unbroken stream. Nothing can happen to it... there can be no break in its constancy. But to know this, you have first to deeply see the momentary. Recognizing the momentary, slowly, slowly the recognition of the eternal will start to arise. Seeing the futile, slowly, slowly you will start to have a glimpse of the significant. seeing the wrong, you will recognize the right..."

from Showering without Clouds, Osho


H.C.Love passing clouds