H.C.Love  sunshine, sea, and me

THE World is too much with us; late and soon,    
  Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers:    
  Little we see in Nature that is ours;    
We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!    
This Sea that bares her bosom to the moon,             5
  The winds that will be howling at all hours    
  And are up-gather'd now like sleeping flowers,    
For this, for everything, we are out of tune;    
It moves us not.—Great God! I'd rather be    
  A pagan suckled in a creed outworn,    

So might I, standing on this pleasant lea,    
  Have glimpses that would make me less forlorn;    
Have sight of Proteus rising from the sea;    
  Or hear old Triton blow his wreathèd horn. 

 - Wordsworth  


Blue Skies and Lullabies...

"As I contemplate the blue sky I am not set over against it as an acosmic subject: I do not possess it in thought, or spread out toward it some idea of blue... I abandon myself to it and plunge into this mystery, it thinks itself within me,"I am the sky itself... drawn together and unified... my consciousness is saturated with the limitless blue."

from Alchemical Psychology, James Hillman


Head in the Clouds series H.C.Love

Head in the Clouds series H.C.Love

Lets allow our feeling to drink fresh air...

Let’s not shut the door to living speech of destiny which we hear from behind the hedges of sound

Let’s remove the curtains
Let’s allow our feeling to drink fresh air...

Let’s allow instinct to play
Let’s allow all it to take off its shoes and leap over the flowers following seasons
Let’s allow solitude to sing a song
To write something
To go to the street

Let’s be plain
Let’s be plain whether in front of the teller’s window or under a tree

Excerpt The Waters Footsteps, by Sohrab Sepehri

Plain and simple... hmmm what do you say?

H.C.Love Dandelion

"Sacred Cracked Voice & the Jingle Jangle Morning..."

"Go on flutter ye mystic ballad - ah haunting & Tokay jittery ye be like the mad pulse - the mad pulse of a child - the children of ring around the rosy & wandering poets over India - the jugglers who call you by the wrong name & title you wounded kitten - it is that easy for they know no fairy tales..."

Excerpt Tarantula, Bob Dylan

When it comes to speaking to others, the poet hesitates, he doesn't read well his poem. Or he reads it as if it were another's. He reads it without comprehending it. Thus Claudel when he puts on his glasses and acts just like a notary when he reads his great works... Some other makes of his poems, by his hesitations, something shredding. Must we distrust the poets who read their works too well? No; I know of some who can restore about their work the Atmosphere from which it was born... But owing to certain realist tendencies I feel in me, or to a certain incapacity, I would hesitate to define poetry as a "creation of the world". of course the idea of the world is the effect of an illusion, at once retrospective and totalizing. Poetry is rather the creation of a language or a music, of a language which is a music.

Excerpt from translation 'La Poesie comme Exercise Spirituel, from Poesie, Pensee, and Perception, by Jean Wahl

"Often it is not the meaning of a verse that grabs and holds us, but something else, the interior accompaniment and care it brings up within us."

"Often it is not the meaning of a verse that grabs and holds us, but something else, the interior accompaniment and care it brings up within us."

Inner Vision

  Owl Mountain Moon by, Liza Falzon      


Owl Mountain Moon by, Liza Falzon




'Our visible life and the actions of man
are no more than a series of significant
expressions, but that which it tries to express
is not on the surface; our existence is something much larger than this apparent frontal being which we suppose ourselves to be and which we offer to the world around us; this frontal being is a confused amalgam of mind-form­ations, life movements, physical
functioning of which even an exhaustive analysis into its component parts and machinery fails to reveal the whole secret. It's only when we go behind, below, above
into the hidden stretches of our being
that we can know it;

~Sri Aurobindo                                                        

'For below our most obscure physical consciousness is a subconscious being in which as in a covering and supporting soil are all manner of hidden seeds that sprout up, unaccountably to us on our surface and into which we are constantly throwing fresh seeds that prolong our past and influence our future, -- a subconscious being, small obscure, small in its motions, capriciously and almost fantastically sub rational, but of immense -potency for the earth life. And while on the surface we are cut off from all around us except through an exterior mind and sense contact which delivers but little to us to our world or of our world to us , in these inner reaches the barrier between us and the rest of existence is thin and easily broken ' there we can feel at once -- not merely infer from their results, but feel directly -- the action of the secret world forces... That constitute universal and individual existence. It is all this latent experience and knowledge that the Divine Force working upon us by our opening to the integral Yoga, progressively reveals to us, uses and works out the consequences as means and steps towards a transformation of our whole being and nature. Our life is thenceforth no longer a little rolling wave oil on the surface, but inter penetrant if not coincident with the cosmic life. '

Excerpted from 'The Synthesis of Yoga' Sri Aurobindo

H.C.Love Let the great sunlight

What a faint dream what a dream I know...

I am a painter

Now and then I build a cage by paint, sell it to you to refresh your heart

With the song of the anemone which is imprisoned in it

What a faint dream, what a dream I know

My music is lifeless

I know well, my painting pond contains no fishes...

The breeze might go

To a plant in India, to an earthenware from Sialk

The breeze may reach a prostitute in Bokhara city...

As soon as the lark sung, the chest burnt from delight
now and then loneliness rubbed its face against the windowpane
desire would come and put its arms around the sense’s neck
thought played
Life looked like a vernal rainfall, a plane tree full of starlings
Life then was a line of light and doll
An armful of liberty
Life then was a pond of music

Gradually the baby tiptoed away in the alleys of dragonflies
I packed my things and went to a town of light thoughts
My heart with the alienation of dragonflies

Excerpt from The Waters Footsteps by, Sohrab Sepehri

Sohrab Sepehri's poem eloquently expresses that the painter can paint the picture the singer can sing the song but it is the pneuma, spirit wind is what brings to life the song, the vision, and directs where it will go from there... it is not up to the poet to know where it will go...

The Anemone is also known as the windflower literally "daughter of the wind" from anemos 'wind' thought to be so named because the flowers open only when the wind blows.  (Oxford dictionary)

In Native American legends the dragonfly is a symbol of resurrection, and renewal after hardship.

Across cultures, people believe that the dragonfly has a strong association with light. The body of the dragonfly can reflect and refract white light to create beautiful colors, and this is the reason it has been associated with magical qualities and mysticism. Some people even believe that these insects possess supernatural powers and are spiritual messengers. They exhibit the phenomenon of iridescence, which means they change colors depending on the angle of light or the angle from which you look at them.
They also inspire us to explore the power of light and creative imagination to usher in positive changes in our life. This can also help us look through the illusions or false beliefs that prevent us from dreaming big and achieving success.

In the Japanese culture, the dragonfly was honored as a symbol of joy and new light, and also strength, courage, and good luck. In the mythology of the Lakota tribe, the dragonfly represented the spirit of illusion...

The Subconscious Mind
The dragonfly is a creature of water, and every creature that dwells in water symbolizes the subconscious mind and deeper thoughts. This is the reason why dragonflies are said to remind us to pay heed to our dreams and desires, because our outlook towards life is not only influenced by the external environment around us, but also our deepest thoughts.
Read more at Buzzle: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/what-does-a-dragonfly-symbolize.html


 Deep in A Dream Album art

 Deep in A Dream Album art